ILA 2022 – 80th International Law Association Conference

ILA Committees

The ILA’s International Committees are established to undertake research and then to report on carefully mandated areas of international law in either public, private, or commercial law.

Leading experts in the topics are appointed as officers of such Committees.  They in turn ensure that their committees’ membership includes representation from around the world and benefits from a wide range of experience and expertise.

On completion of a committee’s mandate (usually four years), the Committee will be expected to present its final report to the Biennial Conference and a resolution to be considered by the membership present and may then be passed onto other interested parties in the form of rules or guidelines.

List of current ILA Committees (alphabetical order)

  • Complementarity in International Criminal Law
  • Global Health Law
  • Human Rights in Times of Emergencies
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Law and Sea Level Rise
  • International Migration and International Law
  • International Monetary Law
  • International Protection of Consumers
  • International Securities Regulation
  • International Tax Law
  • Nuclear Weapons, Non-Proliferation and Contemporary International Law
  • Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance
  • Protection of Privacy in Private International and Procedural Law
  • Rule of Law and International Investment Law
  • Space Law
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines under International Law
  • Sustainable Development and the Green Economy in International Trade Law
  • Use of Force: Military Assistance on Request

ILA Study Groups

Study Groups are established to survey the suitability of topics for further study by a Committee, to allow quick responses to urgent questions, or to tackle issues that are less suitable for consideration by a Committee.

Study Groups consist of a small group of recognized experts and do not aim to produce a formal outcome for adoption by the ILA.

List of current ILA Study Groups (alphabetical order)

  • Asian State Practice of Domestic Implementation of International Law
  • International Law of Regional Organisations
  • Teaching of International Law (Interest Group)
  • The Role of Cities in International Law
  • UN Sanctions and International Law